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  • 26AOûT 2015
    David vs Goliath

    David vs Goliath

    Most of you must have heard the story of David and Goliath at some point in your lives.
    David went to battle with the giant Goliath, who was a trained warrior. Way stronger, bigger, better equipped, experienced and ready to kill than David.
    David was no match for this warrior, but what David had was confidence and belief in his heart. He went to battle with the same confidence as the great warrior he was facing.

    Why am I bringing this up right now? Because in the context of next weekend’s competition « Beach WOD », it is relevant.
    Since the WODs have been released, I have been hearing people worrying about weather or not they can lift the weights, myself included.
    In a situation like this, I would suggest to focus less on weather or not you can lift the weight or not, especially if, (as in my case) it is over my MAX capabilities at the moment, and focus in what you CAN do. Go into this competition with the attitude of giving ALL you can, doing your best. Go to battle with your heart full of passion for the sport that you love, and give EVERYTHING with all the confidence of the « pros ».

    David ended up winning his battle because he believed and he had confidence in his heart.

    Were going to Beach WOD to fight, to grind, to never give up and to have fun.
    You guys with me on this?

    Coach Charlotte